concentrated solar power + storage

Environmental Benefits

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  • The system is ‘benign’. It does not create any greenhouse emissions or other unwanted waste material from its operation. Even the water used to create steam is re-circulated through the system.
  • It uses no chemicals or batteries.
  • The graphite used in the receivers is inert and has an infinite life, unaffected by multiple heating/cooling cycles.
  • If a heliostat malfunctions it will move to a ‘stow’ position and present no risk to its surroundings.
  • Birds flying below the receivers are unaffected by the sun’s rays reflecting from the heliostats due to the low solar flux in the short tower design.
  • The towers are 24 meters high. When compared to wind turbines or central collection towers which stand in excess of 100 meters, the visual impact is greatly reduced.
  • The heliostats have no detrimental effect on pilots flying above them. As the mirrors have short focal lengths of approximately 40 meters, the concentrated beams of light are completely dispersed at a distance of 80 meters from the mirrors surface. The visual effect for pilots is similar to flying over a lake surface.
  • There is no noise produced from the system except for the slight hum produced from the turbine and generator. This is comparable to conventional electrical substations and with appropriate housing and insulation the noise can be eliminated.
  • There are no inherent environmental or public safety concerns with the system.