concentrated solar power + storage

Community Benefits

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  • Installation of a typical 50MW plant can create up to 300 local on site jobs in construction/rigging, cranage, electrical works and general labouring and up to 300 off site jobs in fabrication. Calibrating the heliostats for commissioning alone can provide dozens of local jobs, requiring multiple small teams to be working simultaneously over the majority of the project’s construction period.
  • Maintenance and operation of the plant also provides opportunities for long term jobs. Depending upon the size of the plant, 50 to 100 jobs will be available in maintaining heliostat cleanliness and power station operation.
  • Whilst the key licensed technology components must be produced by specialised and approved suppliers, all other equipment (such as steelwork, piping, electrical components etc) can be sourced locally.
  • There are multiple opportunities for association and involvement with learning institutions and professional organisations for the purposes of ongoing technical research and development.