concentrated solar power + storage

Benefits of Solar

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  • The sun is the most abundant source of energy known to man, radiating almost 173,000 terawatts of power onto the Earth’s surface. The world population consumes only 12.3 terawatts in a year, only 0.00007% of the suns output.
  • Other sources of renewable energy produce intermittent power due to variable weather conditions. With the development of effective storage medium, such as the Solastor System, solar plants can continue to produce stable power during periods of adverse weather and even during the night.
  • With developing technology, the costs of implementing solar power on a commercial scale are becoming increasingly competitive.
  • With rising concerns of global warming, the need for green and renewable technology is also increasing.
  • The regions of the world suitable for solar thermal plants is quite vast. As seen in the map below, the areas of moderate to high solar radiance are spread across the globe. This makes the Solastor System a viable solution in a wide range of countries, for baseload power.
  • The Solastor System is suitable for a “hybrid” installation with photovoltaic (PV) systems. PV and Solastor systems can be employed together to deliver a more effective and comprehensive energy solution with PV servicing the off-peak (daytime) energy demand and the GSP technology being employed to generate electricity during the peak (afternoon/evening) period.