concentrated solar power + storage


Solastor has a commercial license to sell the GSP Technology throughout the world (excluding China) to customers wishing to generate steam or electricity.

Solastor provides, in conjunction with related group companies and contractors, a full Engineering Design service which includes all calculations and computations, preparation of drawings and specifications, and provisions of documents such as user manuals to enable competent installation and operation by others.

Solastor supplies drawings of all components to be manufactured by the Project Developer/EPC, such as towers, shields, closure flaps, heliostat posts, yokes, mirror frames etc.

The scope of our Engineering Design Service includes:

Weather Station

  • Preparation of specifications to seek quotations for the weather station;
  • Assistance in receiving quotations for the weather station; and
  • Analysis of data collected from the weather station.

Civil Design

  • Optimisation of module layout in relation to site boundaries; and
  • Provision of detailed designs for tower and heliostat foundations.

Mechanical Services

  • Design of feedwater demineralisation treatment plant and system; and
  • Design of steam system including valve skids, piping and field valves, deaerator, cooling towers, pumps, etc.

Electrical Services

  • Prepare electrical line diagrams;
  • Prepare detailed heliostat electrical supply and control system design;
  • Prepare Solar Thermal Receiver electrical supply and control system design;
  • Provide design requirements for low voltage plant services;
  • Design, supply and install PLC/DCS and SCADA system; and
  • Design UPS system.

Grid Connection

  • Provide assistance in designing the network connection.

Control Systems

  • Provide the plant operating control system and supply the Distributed Control System (DCS) hardware.